Since its inception in 1986 HANDICARE felt that accessibility, a prerequisite for disabled people to enjoy equal opportunities, was the most neglected issue. Hence HANDICARE committed itself fully in his endeavour and to make Lucknow a disabled friendly city. And with great proud it can be said that today LUCKNOW is probably the most accessible city of the country.

In recognition HANDICARE received U.P. Government’s ‘State Award’ from Governor of U.P. in 2005 and in the year 2013 HANDICARE was awarded the prestigious NCPEDP-MPHASIS UNIVERSAL DESIGN AWARDS – 2013 for her efforts in making city of Lucknow as one of the most accessible city for the persons with disabilities.

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Synopsis of work done specific to the cause of accessibility and universal design:


(a)      Successfully sensitized ‘U.P. Avas Vikas Parishad’ in construction of Shri Aurovindo Park at Lucknow. India’ first fully accessible park for the disabled people having special toilets and   provision of wheelchairs.

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(b)      Successfully sensitized ‘Department of Disabled Welfare’ U.P. Govt., to construct a ramp at Indira Bhawan, Lucknow, the building which houses many important Government departments including department of Disabled Welfare.


(c)      Successfully sensitized U.P. Avas Vikas Parishad to build a ramp at their main office building in Lucknow.

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(d)      Successfully sensitized Lucknow Railway authorities to construct two ramps at the first class and second class porticoes of Lucknow’s main Railway Station and also make provisions for special parking for the vehicles of the disabled people adjacent to the ramp.

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(e)      Successfully sensitized SIDBI an Indian Government enterprise to construct a ramp and special toilet at their main office building in Lucknow. Was actively involved in the construction, guiding at every stage from arranging the services.

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(f)      Access Audited Wave Mall / Multiplex and successfully sensitised   the management to build a Ramp and provision of special parking near the main entrance.


(g)      Access Audited ATI building, Government of U.P. at Lucknow for Chief Commissioner Persons with Disabilities, Govt. of India and very actively participated at all stages in making it barrier free.

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(h)      Access Audited Hazratganj, the posh market of Lucknow for Accessibility. Ramps with railings have come up at six places.

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(i)       Access Audited Lucknow University.


(j)       Successfully sensitised Traffic Police U.P. to make provision for Special Parking for the vehicles of the disabled people in whole of Uttar Pradesh and to issue Special Parking Stickers for the cars of the disabled persons enabling them to park at no parking zones.
The campaign to issue Special Parking Stickers was started in 1997 with sustained follow-ups. The stickers are being issued since 8.11.2000


(k)      Guided Tata Motors in modifying ‘Tata Safari SUV’, being manufactured for a disabled member of parliament.

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(l)       Successfully sensitised Shabana Ajami ,M.P. to have accessible feature in the auditorium she was building in her late father’s memory in Lucknow.

(m)    Successfully sensitised U.P. Government to have a ramp at Pass office at Bapu bhawan, secretariat of U.P.  Government. It also houses the office of the Principal Secretary, Disabled Welfare, Government of U.P.

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(n)      Successfully sensitised Director, Post & Telegraph to make GPO of Lucknow accessible.

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(o)      Successfully sensitised the railway authorities of Lucknow to allow disabled person to go to any window and get the railway ticket on priority.
Hence now, in Lucknow, no longer disabled people have to stand in the queue, they can get the railway ticket from any window on priority.
Once again Lucknow became the first and only city in India to have this unique facility for the disabled people.

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(p)      C.M.O., Lucknow yielded to our request and provided a bigger room and better facilities for the disabled persons who go there for disability certificate.

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(q)      Organised a workshop on ‘Accessible Lucknow’ on 22nd March 2004, which was attended by four senior IAS officers of Government of U.P., Project Manager, Rajkiya Nirman Nigam, senior architects, general manager Wave Multiplex, Ex. vice – chancellor of Gorakhpur and Rohelkhand University and representatives of NGOs, disabled persons etc.

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 Successfully case filed with Chief Commissioner, Persons with Disabilities, Government of India:

 HANDICARE with great efforts could get ramps and special parking place for the vehicles of the disabled persons built at Charbagh, Lucknow’s main railway station. Through newspaper reports HANDICARE  came to know that railway authorities intent to built an ATM at the special parking place reserved for the vehicles of disabled persons.

HANDICARE immediately wrote to the railway authorities and Chief Commissioner, Persons with Disabilities, Government of India. As usual railways went ahead with its construction ignoring CCPD’s orders etc. We kept CCPD informed about railway’s highhandedness. Ultimately CCPD held court at Charbagh station only, saw every thing and pronounced its judgment

Railways authorities of Lucknow, even then did not implement CCPD’s order and HANDICARE had to write further letters to CCPD and Ministry of Railways, Government of India.

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Successfully filed a PIL in Hon’ble High Court of Allahabad, Lucknow Bench,    regarding ‘safety and well being of disabled people at public places and to provide accessibility in the built environment…’

Hazratganj is Lucknow’s main and very posh market. HANDICARE was instrumental in building of many ramps at strategic places in Hazratganj. HANDICARE came to know that authorities wish to renovate and beautify Hazratganj market. We immediately wrote to Divisional Commissioner, Lucknow asking him to keep in mind accessibility and universal design features while renovating Hazratganj. HANDICARE also had a discussion with the chief architect entrusted with the job of renovating Hazratganj at an unearthly hour of 11.30 pm and supplying him with resource material etc. HANDICARE along with him also devised a new wheelchair pathway which could check the entry of scooters and motorcycles. But to our great dismay, when the renovation got completed, we found that all the ramps had been blocked and there was no provision of special toilet and other universal design features.

Immediately HANDICARE filed a PIL and Hon’ble High Court immediately issued directions and also instructed the registrar to also have a ramp built in the High Court building. On third hearing Hon’ble High Court summoned Chief Municipal Commissioner and asked him to see that accessible features are provided in all municipal buildings / markets.

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Successful Cases filed in Court of Chief Commissioner Persons with Disabilities:


Filed three cases in the court of ‘Chief Commissioner: Persons’ with Disabilities’, Government of U.P. and in all three judgments have been made in her favour.

  1. Case No1101-5122/2008/30 under section 46 of the Indian Disability ACT of 95 – Non-discrimination in built environment

Against Divisional Railway Manager (DRM), Northern Railways (NR), Lucknow for constructing an ATM at the place reserved for the parking of the vehicles of the disabled persons, at Charbagh railway station, Lucknow.

  1. Case No14/MC-UP/Lko/2008 under section 46 of the Indian Disability ACT of 95 – Non-discrimination in built environment

Against Lucknow Development Authority (LDA) for public places and markets not being barrier free / accessible for the disabled people.

  1. Case no15/MC-UP/Lko/2008 under section 25 (b) of the Indian Disability ACT of 95 – Prevention of Disability

Against Regional Transport authority (RTO), Lucknow for noise Pollution causing ‘Hearing Impairment’ due to high pitch ‘Pressure Horns’ in the vehicles

  1. Successfully filed a PIL in Hon’ble High Court of Allahabad, Lucknow Bench, regarding ‘safety and well being of disabled people at public places and to provide accessibility in the built environment…’

Hon’ble High Court taking cognizance of the matter issued instruction to Lucknow Development Authority, and Lucknow Municipal Corporation accordingly. And positive steps are being taken by these authorities.